The Game

Total Shooting System

Lasersport can be played indoors or out of doors, during the daytime or at night.

For use out of doors a minimum area of 30m x 10m is required to enable the clay to fly and land.

A typical outdoor layout is shown to the right. Indoors, a minimum area of 5m x 5m is required.

laser sport game layout

Lasersport Clays

Lasersport clays are supplied in 3 fluorescent colours for daytime shooting, and luminous clays supplied for night use.

Automatic Clay Launcher

The launcher holds up to 55 clays and has a built-in unit which charges the luminous clays. It can be adjusted to fire clays at different heights and angles, and a clay is automatically launched each time a game is started. This means that the Lasersport system can be operated by one person.

At Night

The automatic launcher charges the luminous clays before launching them, and they create a bright green luminous path across the night sky. In addition, flash attachments are available for fitting to the Lasersport guns, and each time a clay is 'hit' both clay and gun will 'flash'.

No Age Restriction

Lasersport can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can be played just for fun, or as a serious competition with people perticipating as individuals or as part of a team.

As with any sport, there are different levels and classes of Lasersport enabling it to be played by everyone.


Lasersport is the only shooting sport you can enjoy knowing that there is absolutely no harm to the environment.

guns and laser sport equipment
Lasersport guns fire a harmless infra-red beam at re-usable clays - and even the sound is totally controllable

Total Safety

Not only is Lasersport environmentally safe, but as the guns are deactivated there is no danger to perticipants or spectators, and even yound children can play Lasersport in total safety.


  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Skilled
  • Addictive
Laser Sport

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